Art Specifications

Spot Color Printing Requirements

Spot color printing requirements - Art must be in a vector format. Vector format means your art was created in a vector program and saved in a file that saves the vector information, like an .ai, .pdf or .eps for example. Raster images, such jpeg, png, tiff, psd, etc, can be used but must be at least 200dpi, sent to the correct size, and can only be substituted for black images.

Placing a raster image in a vector file does not automatically convert the image to vector format.

  • The number of colors in your art must be limited to the number of colors requested, so if you’re submitting art for a 3-color job, your art must contain only those 3 colors.
  • Spot colors are preferred but CMYK or RGB art can be converted per request.
  • All fonts must be converted to outlines or shapes.
  • We suggest placing your art on one of our templates form correct alignment.
  • All printing is done at 65 line so gradients should be kept between 20% & 80%.
  • Corel files can be used but need to be saved as an .ai, .eps or pdf first.

Digital Printing Requirements

Art must be sent at full size and must be a minimum of 150dpi. 300dpi is preferred for better quality. Vector art is also acceptable. A ¼ inch bleed is recommended for any art that extends to the edge of the plate. Acceptable formats are .jpg, .tif, .eps, .psd, .ai, .eps, .pdf, but all art contained in them must meet the requirements above.

  • RGB and CMYK formats are acceptable.
  • Spot colors are acceptable but can produce undesirable results, so it would be in your best interest to convert it 1st.
  • If using a file format that preserves type information (.psd, .eps, .pdf, .ai, etc), convert your text to outlines or shapes before submitting.
  • We suggest placing your art on one of our templates form correct alignment.

Acceptable Media Types and Transfer Methods

We can accept digital art placed on an Autoplate Template thru either a file transfer, email, or thru a physical media like a CD/DVD or flash drive. We use the latest Adobe software so we can work with any version we recieve.

Stock Colors

There are 15 stock colors we have available when screen printing. We can also match any Pantone color at an additional charge of $30(V) per color.

All colors are based out of Pantone Solid Coated color book.

Colors are listed with Stock Color Name followed by the Pantone Equivalent

Lemon Yellow
Pantone Yellow

Ultra Blue
PMS 2738

Fire Red
PMS 186

Emerald Green
PMS 348

Peacock Blue
PMS 300

Metallic Gold
PMS 872

Metallic Silver
PMS 877

Reflex Blue
Pantone Reflex Blue

Navy Blue
PMS 282

Rhodamine Red

PMS 266

Pantone Black

Pantone Violet

Brilliant Orange
PMS 172

Process Blue
Pantone Process Blue

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